Monday, March 7, 2016

More Humility Homework Assignments

Below are more brilliant homework assignments suggested by Sister Mary Michael of the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word.  Many thanks.  (And if you think of any others, feel free to add them in the comments and I'll put them in the book!)

1) Let someone tell you a story you already know.

2) Just say  “thank you” the next time anyone tells you anything you already know.

3) Accept an offer of help the next time you don’t need it.

4) Refrain from having the last word in your next conversation (even if it’s friendly!)

5) Don’t make excuses the next time you are reprimanded.

6) Let someone do a job that you can do faster.

7) If you see something not done ‘your way,’ leave it be if it works.

8) Park at the end of the parking lot. If you don’t drive, park your bike at the end of the rack. If you don’t bike, find a slower route to walk.

9) Walk behind a really slow person. (But not like a stalker. The point is to no bowl them over.)
10) Join in a game that you’re not good at.

11) Keep your next complaint to yourself.

12) The next time someone annoys you, don’t tell anyone.

13) The next time you have an exciting story, only tell one person.

14) Volunteer to clean a toilet.

15) Go to a store and hold the door open for a stream of people.

16) Apologize for something you didn’t do. (There will be opportunities.)

17) Clean up someone else’s mess. Bonus points if it’s on the floor.

18) Keep your next opinion to yourself.

19) Offer a legitimate praise about someone that you don’t like very much.

20) Volunteer to do a job for someone you don’t like very much.

21) Don’t take credit the next time someone praises the actions of an unknown person.

22) Initiate a conversation with a really boring person.

23) Offer to serve someone else before you serve yourself.

24) Give up your seat for someone else. It can be anywhere – Mass, a movie theatre, a talk, public transportation.

25) Don’t disagree with someone the next time you have a different opinion.

26) Spend a conversation not talking about yourself.

27) Let someone else be in charge.

28) Serve yourself the crunchy heel of the bread, or some other corner or crummy looking food on the table. (We all know we go for the glorious middle piece of lasagna!)

29) Offer to clear someone else’s dishes off the table when they are done.

30) If you’ve ever gotten any not so great clothes from your family, wear them once.

31) The next time a friend or family member suggests a really boring activity, do it with them.

32) Smile at someone who doesn’t look like they’re going to smile back.

33) The next time you’re laughed at, laugh with them.

34) Spend an entire day without correcting anyone.

35) Spend an afternoon with an elderly person. Extreme bonus points if it’s at a nursing home. Hanging out with your cool grandma doesn’t count, and I automatically deduct points.

36) Let yourself be interrupted in a conversation, and don’t finish what you were going to say unless someone else asks.

37) Laugh at a boring joke.

38) Don’t laugh at your own joke.

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